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Great you want to get started to green your footprint! The Footprint-friendly lifestyle guide takes you on a journey into the world of the footprint, is full of inspiration to make your footprint green and invites you to take action.

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Lifestyle Guide

Grow your handprint

The handprint is your gift to the planet, your positive impact. In life you have different roles, you are a consumer, family member, friend, employee, maybe you do voluntary work and you have the opportunity to vote. In these roles you can enable, inspire and inform others to reduce their footprint. And in that way you grow your handprint!

So, inspire people in your environment to also reduce their footprint. Talk to others about your sustainable actions, organize a plant-based meal for your meat-loving friends, go for a walk and clean-up litter together. That’s who your increase your positive impact.

Make positive impact at work

Would you like to grow your handprint by challenging your colleagues to reduce their footprint? From a 40-day Footprint Challenge to a Footprint workshop; there is always an offer that fits. Check our services or contact us for the possibilities.

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