The Footprint Challenge challenges, stimulates and inspires a movement towards sustainability by offering an easy way employees or inhabitants can implement a greener lifestyle.

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​The Footprint Challenge involves employees in a fun and accessible way in your company’s green ambitions. Whether we challenge your employees with a 40-day Footprint Challenge or grab their attention through a Footprint workshop, one thing is for sure: it will be a fun, engaging and informative experience. Please contact us to see what fits your organization.

Footprint Challenge

In a Footprint Challenge employees compete to reduce their personal footprint in 40 days. This can be done individually, in teams or as a battle between organizations.

Who has the smallest footprint and who manages to reduce his / her footprint the most?

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Footprint Workshop

In a Footprint Workshop employees are introduced to the footprint by playing the Footprint quiz and with the Footprint game they discover in a playful way the size of their footprint. The workshop ends by brainstorming together how they can reduce the footprint and increase the handprint, at home and at work.

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Footprint Scan

With the online Footprint at Work scan, employees discover how large their footprint is at work. Based on their answers, they receive tips to reduce their footprint and they can make an action plan themselves. With the overall report you gain insight into the areas in which you can take action across the company.

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For who?

The Footprint Challenge can add value for a variety of organizations: 

For businesses

With the Footprint Challenge, businesses are able to raise awareness about sustainability in work and daily life and to increase engagement of employees towards sustainability ambitions and initiatives. We also see that it promotes team spirit, company pride and cost savings.

For governments

With the Footprint Challenge, governments can engage employees and residents in the Government’s sustainability programs, increase sustainability awareness, and empower individuals to reduce their CO2 impact in daily life. Most importantly, The Footprint Challenge contributes to achieving the climate goals in a clear, approachable way.

For educational institutions

With The Footprint Challenge, students and employees find ways to become involved in sustainability and are given practical steps to live more sustainably. We also offer the chance to organize a Footprint Battle between educational institutions. This will increase the competition element even further.


We have worked with a variety of organizations to stimulate and inspire more sustainable living by organizing Footprint Challenges and giving Footprint workshops. 

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