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inspires others


average reduction

5.000 m2

average reduction

During the Footprint Challenge, each participant inspires an average of 5 people outside the challenge to also take action. Imagine how many people your organisation can reach by organising a Footprint Challenge…!

Why 40 days?

A Footprint Challenge lasts 40 days to bring about sustainable change. New habits cannot be “installed” in our brain overnight.

Experience shows that 40 days are needed to learn and anchor new preferred patterns in your brain. To sustain that, people need appreciation, encouragement and success experiences, and we ensure that during the Challenge.

Benefits for your organisation

  • More engagement with sustainability at home and at work
  • Increase support for and visibility of your sustainability goals
  • Build a stronger team and create company pride, making an impact together creates a bond

A Footprint Challenge can take place at an individual level, in teams (for example between different departments) and between different organisations.

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The package of the 40-day Footprint Challenge consists of the following components & more:

What participants say

A selection of the testimonials from employees who participated in the Footprint Challenge

I joined the Footprint Challenge to continue my education and awareness of how to reduce my carbon footprint, and to work with others in the organization to do so. This is a great way for us all to be on the same page about sustainability.

Participant / Corbion

I love that you do the challenge together and that everyone runs into something or shows me how things can be done differently.

Odette / Florius

Awareness among myself and my colleagues, discussions that arise as a result of the challenge and tips that are exchanged.

Margreeth / VTTI

Next to awareness, it is also part of team building within the department. It is also fun to be working with colleagues on something else than work.

Rob / Arnhem municipalty

The enthusiasm of colleagues who have shared their findings, with very useful tips. The awareness and the fact that making impact can be in very small things.

Carolien / Breda municipalty

Well arranged, inspiring, and motivating. It was really one of the best events I’ve come across through work.

Participant / VodafoneZiggo