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During the Footprint Challenge, each participant inspires an average of 5 people outside the challenge to also take action. Imagine how many people your organisation can reach by organising a Footprint Challenge…!

Sustainability programme

We believe in making organisations more sustainably from the inside out. That is why we challenge employees to reduce their footprint and increase their handprint in 40 days. 

Our positive approach, the competition element and the concrete actions, will help employees to create new habits, develop a sustainable mindset and make a measurable impact together. With our bottom-up approach, we engage employees with sustainability and the sustainability ambitions of your organisation and empower them to take action.

Why 40 days?

A Footprint Challenge lasts 40 days to bring about sustainable change. New habits cannot be “installed” in our brain overnight.

Experience shows that 40 days are needed to learn and anchor new preferred patterns in your brain. To sustain that, people need appreciation, encouragement and success experiences, and we ensure that during the Challenge.

Benefits for your organisation

  • More engagement with sustainability at home and at work
  • Increase support for and visibility of your sustainability goals
  • Build a stronger team and create company pride, making an impact together creates a bond

A Footprint Challenge can take place on an individual level, in teams (for example between different departments) and between different organisations.

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The package of the 40-day Footprint Challenge consists of the following components & more:

What clients say

Get inspired by stories from our customers

“A great experience for! Very well organised and also very nice to participate in yourself. I now regularly receive messages from colleagues who want to do more with sustainability.”

Jenny van Son /
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“In the run-up to our new sustainability strategy, we wanted to create awareness about important sustainability themes in a fun, playful way.

Lotte Mastwijk / LC Packaging
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What participants say

A selection of the testimonials from employees who participated in the Footprint Challenge

“Fun assignments, good atmosphere and communication! It’s great that the challenge is divided into small steps and themes.

II really enjoyed the input from the Footprint Coaches.”

Participant / PBL

“Well organised, inspiring, motivating, really one of the best organised programs I’ve come across at work.

I am extremely proud of my employer for doing this!”

Daniek / VodafoneZiggo

“We had fun while trying to make the world a better place for future generations plus most of these actions save money!”

Participant / LC Packaging

“During the challenge, we bridged cultural and geographical distances by addressing a topic that knows no barrier, sustainability. We moved beyond the work-as-usual environment, and enjoyed a safe space in which we could share personal life habits and experiences.”

Olga / Peterson & Control Union

“HTH continues to surprise me with diverse and original programs. The Footprint Challenge taught me how to have a positive impact on the planet. The creative approach made it a lot of fun!”

Participant / Hotelschool The Hague

“Very inspiring challenge. I will definitely continue the actions in my daily life. Easy quick actions but they have a long lasting impact.”

Participant / Danone