With tools like the 40-day Footprint Challenge, the Footprint Quiz and the Footprint Workshop we stimulate and inspire more sustainable living. In our portfolio you will find an overview of what we have done since our start.

Footprint Challenges

VodafoneZiggo Footprint Challenge @ VodafoneZiggo

bol.com Footprint Challenge @ bol.com

Dertig Dagen Duurzaam Doen @ The Hague

HTH Footprint Challenge @ Hotelschool The Hague

Footprint Challenge @ Amsterdam Hotels

Corbion Footprint Challenge 2019 (international version) @ Corbion

Florius Footprint Challenge @ Florius

VTTI Footprint Challenge (English version) @ VTTI

Corbion Footprint Challenge (international version) @ Corbion

Arnhemse Footprint Challenge @ municipality Arnhem

Nutshuis Footprint Battle between organizations @ Nutshuis

035 Footprint Challenge @ municipality Hilversum

innogy Footprint Challenge @ Essent

Breda Footprint Challenge @ municipality Breda

Duurzaam Handelen spel @ municipality Weert, Leudal and Beesel

20-day Footprint Challenge for members of Stichting Nederland CO2 neutraal

20-daagse 1%Club Footprint Challenge @ 1%Club

Vodafone Footprint Challenge @ Vodafone Nederland, check the video for an impression

SAP Footprint Challenge @ SAP Nederland

Footprint Challenge Utrecht with Milieucentrum Utrecht

Footprint Challenge first edition

Footprint at Work Scan

municipality Dordrecht

Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Footprint Workshops and Presentations

Footprint & Handprint workshop @ Municipality Amsterdam

Footprint & Handprint workshop @ ASET Haarlem

Footprint game @ Plant-based speaker series ‘Measuring our impact’

Footprint game and workshop @ Regionale Duurzaamheidsbeurs Purmerend

Footprint game @ Beverfest

Footprint workshop @ YPO partner event

Footprint workshop @ Bergsportdag

Footprint workshop @ Sawadee travel event

Footprint game @ Meet & Greet summer edition MVO Nederland

Footprint workshop @ Municipality Nijmegen

Footprint workshop @ Province Groningen

Footprint game @ Regionale Duurzaamheidsbeurs Purmerend

Footprint workshop @ Vechtdal College

Footprint workshop @ Sawadee

Lesson about the footprint @ Eben Haezer primary school

Presentation about the footprint @ DIS awards

Footprint workshop @ Fons Vitae middelbare school

Footprint workshop @ A+O Metalektro

Footprint game @ Bever Buitenfestijn

Footprint game @ Universiteit Utrecht

Presentation about the footprint @ symposium De Groene Passage

Footprint workshop @ Bonduelle

Footprint quiz @ Grrr

Footprint game @ Duurzaam Wonen markt Purmerend

Footprint game @ Earth Day Den Haag

Footprint workshop ‘Waterfootprint’ @ conference Doopsgezind WereldWerk

Footprint workshop about food @ event Zeeuwse Milieufederatie

Footprint quiz and game @ Students4Sustainability

Footprint workshop @ Spirit Basisscholen

Footprint quiz @ 1%Club

Footprint quiz @ Vodafone Nederland

Footprint game @ Hippienez festival

Presentation ‘A smaller festival footprint’ @ event Opgemarkt

Footprint game @ Lentefeest Duurzaam Nieuwegein

Footprint game @ Duurzaam Wonen markt in Purmerend

Footprint game @ Haagse Energiebeurs

Footprint game @ Milan festival

Footprint workshop @ SAP Nederland

Footprint quiz @ Footprint Challenge Utrecht

Footprint workshop @ IVN Eemland

Presentation Footprint Challenge @ Transition Town Houten

Presentation about the footprint @ Milieucentrum Utrecht